Staying Faithful When You Can't See the Whole Picture

Sometimes what we’re doing for God may not seem like much. But it matters.

Posted in , Apr 6, 2018


I’ve stayed at the Opryland Hotel numerous times, and I’m always blown away by the magnitude of it. Every time I visit, it reminds me of an amusement park under glass. The interior of the hotel features three enormous gardens. I’d guess there are at least 50,000 plants. Orchids grow from the sides of trees and lush plants give an almost jungle feel.

On a recent visit while on a book tour,  I caught a different glimpse. I arrived early for a media interview in an area that provided a great view of the indoor gardens so as I waited,

I sat down and just enjoyed the beauty. 

I noticed movement amongst the lush plants. One of the hotel gardeners was working—cutting off brown leaves, digging up dead plants, replanting new ones. Then she mulched around everything, taking great care as she worked.

She looked so tiny that day in the midst of those giant plants and the massive size of the hotel. But it hit me that she probably doesn’t think what she does is a big deal. She’s just doing her job, and all she can see is that one little section. But because she does it well, that segment of the garden looks beautiful and healthy. 

I’m sure it takes many people to keep those gardens looking so lovely. And when all of them do their job, then folks like me are treated to a visual feast and a relaxing environment. 

It’s the same with us. What we’re doing for God might not seem like much. Some days—like that gardener—I’m sure things can even seem repetitive or dull. But here’s the thing: Just do your job that God’s called you to. Perform those tasks faithfully.

Because while you might not see the results of your daily efforts, God does. And someday, He might just give you a glimpse of how your part fits into one of His amazing designs. 

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