Sure Signs of Spring

For me Holy Week is when I do my spiritual spring cleaning...

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A field of daffodils

Sorry, friends, but I have no time to blog today. Spring cleaning. After the brutal winter up here in the hills, the house needs some extra attention.

Next week is Holy Week, another sure sign of spring. For me Holy Week is when I do my spiritual spring cleaning, try to purge myself of anything that would stand between me and the miracle of Easter Sunday.

When I was an altar boy I would serve at church every night of Holy Week. I can still smell the incense and feel the cold floor under my bony knees when Father Walling did the Stations of the Cross. I can still smell the smoke from the candles after snuffing them all out at the end of the night. I can remember my mom waiting for me in the car. Christmas is the time when most of us form indelible memories but Holy Week is more vivid for me, both solemn and thrilling.

Another sure sign of spring is Millie’s first climb up to Inscription Rock atop Monument Mountain at the head of the Squaw Peak Trail. Here she is. Locals are starting to call this Millie Rock.

Have a good Palm Sunday everyone and a good beginning to Passover for our Jewish readers and friends.

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