The Blessing of an Everyday Faith

A relationship with God doesn’t have to be about dazzling light or mountaintop moments.

Posted in , Aug 29, 2017

An everyday faith

The sermon was about the transfiguration of Christ (Matthew 17:1-8). Near the end the pastor said, "Now maybe you're thinking it's a bit unfair that only Peter, James and John got to see Jesus in this particular way..." The congregation erupted in laughter. Who among us hasn't been a wee bit envious of those who got the big blast of faith? Who hasn't wished to get knocked off a horse like Paul did, literally knocked over by the Holy Spirit? It would make faith so much easier than the everyday walk with Christ, figuring out what to do at every intersection.

And yet what most of the disciples got was exactly what we get: long, daily conversations with Jesus. They spent time with him, asked dumb questions, jumped to (sometimes incorrect) conclusions, protested against the hard bits and made embarrassing mistakes. The next day they were back for more, learning and growing by being with the Lord.

It would be splendid to see the light of Christ so brilliantly that I'd never struggle to see it again. Yet I'm not deficient or less Christian because the way I know Jesus is through the day-by-day walk, for that is how God has chosen to reveal himself to me. It's okay if I'm not among those up on the mountain, dazzled by the shining face of Christ. I'm simply blessed to know Him at all.

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