The Importance of Being Happy

A renewed spirit is important to faith. And finding what brings us joy is part of that.

Posted in , Oct 3, 2018

Finding joy

What brings joy to our hearts differs from one person to the next. But joy is a gift from God that we can and should embrace. Too often we deprive ourselves of the things that make us happy.

Over the years we may find different ways to unleash that joy. It could be gardening, cooking, painting, sports, the beach or countless other activities. As we learn what makes us happy, we must make time to enjoy these blessings. If not, we wither away and fail to renew our spirit.

We can also experience these blessings in new and different ways. If you enjoy praying, go on a prayer walk and feel the sense of tranquility that the outdoors provides while you talk to God. If you enjoy listening to music, treat yourself to a faith-filled concert—it may be just what you need to feel at peace. If you like to read, start a book club with friends to open up more time with loved ones while discussing something you truly enjoy.

Over the years, I have found that I enjoy helping others navigate their way through difficult times. In order to experience this in a new way, I began teaching courses to inmates at Federal Correctional Institution, a prison in Danbury, Connecticut. I get to help people who are truly in need and eager to learn new skills for when they are released. But I also learn from them about persevering in difficult situations. I also enjoy playing tennis, so I make sure to invite friends to play as often as I can. This allows for time with friends who I may not see often otherwise. So let us not neglect what brings joy to our lives.

Lord, thank you for the many blessings that bring us joy.

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