Stories of Hope

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Glimpses of God's grace.

Glimmers of God’s Grace

Take a look around you. Moments of divine hope and inspiration light up life each day.

Love stories at the beach

Trading Love Stories at the Beach

Family stories of true love fill a daughter’s romantic heart with hope.

What to do when you're in spiritual darkness

When in Spiritual Darkness, Trust God

Lessons from a West Virginia coal miner on digging out of seemingly hopeless situations.

When you're lost, God's help is on the way.

3 Bible Verses to Overcome Fear

When you're lost and afraid, here are 3 Bible verses to guide you.

Laura Boggs and her daughter Maggie

Snark No More: She Gave Up Sarcasm for Lent

A woman who too often turned to sarcastic judgement of other people shares how her daughter convinced her to give up "snark" for Lent. Look for Laura's story in the March 2017 edition of Guideposts.

A child's act of kindness

A Child's Act of Kindness

An unselfish little boy shares his treats and spreads joy.

Finding a beach day in the middle of winter

The Wonders of Winter

How a gray, cold, city day morphed into a warm and wonderful sight

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrating the life of a courageous American, Christian and humanitarian who lived out his calling.

Architects David Woodhouse and Andy Tinucci

Architects David Woodhouse and Andy Tinucci on Designing Sacred Spaces

Architects David Woodhouse and Andy Tinucci of Chicago discuss their approach to designing, renovating and restoring churches and other sacred spaces.

True love and soul mates

Got a Question About Love?

Do soul mates really exist? How do you know if you've met yours? Get answers to your questions about love.