Stories of Hope

Hopeful stories are windows into the wonderful possibilities life has to offer. Stories of hope bring to life the ways in which people support each other, miracles make lives better, and individuals find new roads through challenging times. Turn to stories about hope whenever you need an encouraging boost on your path toward your best life.

Doug at Caron’s Pennsylvania campus

Getting Arrested Saved His Life: A Tale of Sobriety and Grace

He was the CEO of a respected addiction treatment program, but his own life was spinning out of control until a DUI arrest shone a spotlight on his drinking problem.

Zach and Jodi Short, with their daughter, Brynlee

After a Farm Accident: Did this Town's Prayers Lead to a Miracle?

A freak accident left a Kansas farmer near death. His neighbors prayed every day for weeks. Even the doctors were surprised by the results.

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Actress Esther Rolle, star of the popular 1970s sitcom Good Times

Guideposts Classics: Esther Rolle on the Healing Power of God's Love

In this story from September 1981, the star of the popular 1970s sitcom "Good Times" recalls when her prayers were answered by a wondrous display of God's love—right in her own backyard.

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The perfect song for a wedding

The Perfect Wedding Song

Pick a song that says what you believe. It will be your road map for years to come.

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Evans and Whitten lay on clouds in their rainbow babies photo shoot

These Rainbow Babies Inspire in Adorable Photo Shoot

After losing their third child, this couple receives a blessing of hope after receiving two rainbow babies. 

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U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class (ret) Marshall Powell
Tulips reaching for the sun

Signs of Spring: The Season of Renewal in Full Blossom

We asked our Facebook followers to submit some signs that remind them that spring has sprung, so that we might share them here with you.

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Boston Marathon bombing survivor Rebekah Gregory and her son, Noah

How One Bombing Survivor Overcame Injuries and Fear

In Guideposts' April 2017 cover story, this young mother shares how she survived the Boston Marathon bombing. Could she survive the aftermath?

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teens from different racial backgrounds gardening together, smiling

At-Risk Teens Grow Hope in Community Garden

Here's how Project L.I.F.T.'s inspiring after school program helps these teens prepare for a better future.

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Danita shares a tender moment with son Caleb

A Mother's Prayer for Her Child's Health

Her youngest son was born with impaired hearing and then diagnosed with a form of epilepsy. How could she help him bear such a heavy burden?

A grieving woman

Philip Yancey: The Triumph Over Suffering

Journalist and author Philip Yancey speaks to Diana Aydin about why we suffer, why God is sometimes silent, and how to emerge from the depths of despair stronger than before

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Rebekah Gregory with her son, Noah

Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing and Its Aftermath

Meet Rebekah Gregory, who overcame the loss of a leg following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

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How a heartbreaking story inspired hope.

How a Heartbreaking Story Inspired Hope

A beautiful gift revealed the power of a true story—one that nearly wasn’t told.

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Glimpses of God's grace.

Glimmers of God’s Grace

Take a look around you. Moments of divine hope and inspiration light up life each day.

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