10 Signs of Hope from the Snowstorm

As we recover from an unusual early snowstorm, here are ten signs of hope I didn’t expect from life coming to a halt like this.

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Stories of Hope blogger David Morris

The unusually early snowstorm in the Northeast this weekend hit my neighborhood hard.

Around my house, the cable wire was knocked down by two huge branches that fell off an old tree. Though relatively few trees fell, the weight of snow on the leaves that had not yet had the chance to turn brown and fall snapped large branches all over the area. Power lines came down, some in flames. A busy state road is blocked. The transit trains aren’t running, and many local businesses are closed. The hardware stores are out of kerosene.

image of fall tree branchesFar from the disasters caused by major storms across the nation, such as the flooding of a nearby town after hurricane Irene, this is still perhaps one of the most disruptive weather moments for me and my family personally. We’ve been without power now for more than a day.

Here are ten signs of hope I didn’t expect from life coming to a halt like this:

1.    My kids both reading quietly by flashlight.
2.    A hot cup of tea would taste so good.
3.    The kerosene heater going a long way in keeping our house warm (with adequate ventilation).
4.    Our sparsely attended church service yesterday feeling so full and warm.
5.    Seeing clothes drying on a line during winter temps.
6.    Finally cooking some of the meat in the freezer and cleaning out that fridge.
7.    There’d be so much quiet.
8.    A neighbor who has power unexpectedly dropping off a large battery and converter.
9.    I’d start running again since I can’t drive to the gym.
10.    I’d lose track of time.

That last one is my favorite.

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