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Posted in , Sep 8, 2017

A satellite image of Hurrican Irma

When I looked at my kids at breakfast this morning—happy and smiling—I thought, “How lucky am I?” How blessed I am that I can go home tonight, hug my family close, and be safe. How rare is that feeling in Florida or Texas? 

As we think about our friends, family, and neighbors who are staring down Irma and only beginning to understand the devastation of Harvey, we struggle with how to comprehend and how to help. So many have already contributed and there are many ways to give—here are a few.

In addition to giving, there are other ways that we can help support people. We can pray. God answers prayers. We see His hand in acts of bravery and kindness and are reminded of the goodness of humanity. We know that through hope, faith, and prayer that all things are possible. 

So, wherever you are, huddle close, pray, and above all—be safe.

Resources: Bible Verses and Prayers for Coping as Hurricane Irma Approaches

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