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Ever been baffled by love? Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman offers a chance to finally get some answers! 

Posted in , Jan 2, 2017

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In graduate school, I fell for a girl on the first date. Actually, it didn’t feel like a date at all. It felt like I was reuniting with someone I’d known all my life. This magical feeling of familiarity and trust came over me within seconds. Over coffee we discovered how much we had in common–our outlook on life, our relationships with our families, even our taste in movies. Yet it was more than the sum of those things. There was something else, something I can’t quite put my finger on. By the third or fourth date, there was no denying it. We’d fallen in love. 

And then, after five weeks together, something changed. We went from feeling like soul mates to feeling bored with each other. We broke up. It was mutual, but I couldn’t help but feel confused. What was the point of meeting this girl I thought was “the one”?  Were we ever really in love? Did soul mates even exist, or did we just get caught up in our feelings?

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Long after the breakup, the whole thing is still a mystery to me. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience. After all, what could be more baffling than love?

Well, now’s your chance to finally get some answers to your most burning questions about love. I recently interviewed Dr. Paulette Sherman, a clinical psychologist and relationships expert, about the mysteries of love for the February/March issue of Mysterious Ways. And Monday, January 9, she’ll be stopping by our office for an exclusive video Q&A all about love, and we’ll be asking her questions from our readers.

Simply leave your love questions in the comments below or on our Facebook page for a chance to get them answered by a real love expert. Plus, stay tuned for Dr. Sherman’s article in the upcoming issue of Mysterious Ways, coming soon.

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