Grace in the Midst of Hurricane Harvey

A storm doesn’t dampen the spirit of community and even celebration.

Posted in , Sep 6, 2017

Helping someone after Hurricane Harvey

In the midst of Hurricane Harvey, people desperately sought help as they battled rising waters, lack of resources and access to safety. At one point there were 56,000 emergency calls in a span of 17 hours. In times of crisis, no one wants to be forgotten. The good news is that God never forgets about us or lets us out of His sight.

Recently, I was told a story about a woman in Houston who opened her home during the storm to her 85-year-old neighbor, Sandy. And when this woman learned it was Sandy’s birthday, she and all who lived in the apartment building came together to celebrate. Each resident contributed what they had on hand, whether it was food, props or decorations. Although, some of these neighbors were just meeting Sandy for the first time and in the worst of times, they still came together to throw her a party she will never forget. Sandy wasn’t forgotten; God brought these neighbors into her life.

God values us for who we are, not for what we have or what others think about us. God’s grace extends to all people. At this time, we must keep those in Texas in our prayers–those without a home, those who have not been found and those who have tragically lost family and friends. And with the anniversary of 9/11 approaching, we must continue to pray for the loved ones of those who perished.

Lord, thank you for never letting us out of Your sight. Be with the communities in Texas and families of those taken in 9/11.

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