Hope and Faith from the Chilean Miner Rescue

How the inspiring stories that came from this pivotal rescue can bring us closer to our faith.

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It’s simply a marvel to be a witness to the story of the extraordinary survival and rescue of the Chilean miners in the last two days. What a tale of hope, perseverance, and joy. You can’t help but be moved by the video coming from Chile.

Except if you’ve noticed, there’s yet another story going on that’s also quite remarkable. Have you seen how much their story has captured our imagination?

Just about every news channel is glued to the event. You’ve heard an outpouring of support from everyday people and our own president. Yesterday at both the middle school and high school my daughters attend, teachers in classrooms had their computer screens fixed to the minute-by-minute updates as the miners emerged from the San Jose mine. Workers across America were likely tuned in too. How could you not?

The way this event has brought all our collective attention together has led me to wonder, Why has their plight inspired us so?

No doubt we’re all hungry for some good news. Times have been tough, and across America and the world we’ve not had much to celebrate together.

But let’s look even closer. What is it about this good news that compels us? For me, it’s the superhuman strength of the miners themselves and the unstoppable determination of those on the surface to rescue them. Those 33 miners didn’t give up on life, and neither did the Chileans, the geologists, engineers, psychologists and doctors, or even the experts from NASA.

Their example reminds me that God is like that. God doesn’t give up on us and will stop at nothing to keep after us. But we mustn’t quit either, and instead take that next step, remind ourselves we are loved, even if we can’t see, hear, taste or smell the source of that love.

So let’s celebrate. Let’s be happy for those miners. Let’s be inspired, and get back to our own lives with fresh hope and faith.

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