Showing Love in a Crisis

When the news is overwhelming, God’s goodness still emerges.

Posted in , Nov 14, 2018

Memorial service

The recent stream of tragedies in the news, such as the shootings at the Pittsburg synagogue and the country music bar in Thousand Oaks, California, can make us feel hopeless. Even helpless. That kind of thinking can lead us to believe we are powerless against fate. It’s a dark and negative path.

Instead, we should also note the good things that happen in the midst of the bad, how people rise to the occasion to help their neighbors and strangers. Following the shooting in Pittsburg, people of all faiths stood with our Jewish brothers and sisters in their grief and denounced the evil act.

During the bar shooting in California, strangers helped each other escape the building. A Ventura County Sheriff’s officer sacrificed his life for the sake of others. Sergeant Ron Helus was one of the first officers to rush inside the bar to answer the call of an active shooter. He died a hero.

In the worst of times, we must look out for one another and hold on to our faith; it gives us the courage to love back instead of hate, to seek justice and not revenge, to find light in the darkness. We must resist racism and violence. We must refuse to let evil, hate and tragic events such as these turn us into pessimistic thinkers. Although we don’t have the answers for why bad things happen, we must hold on to God’s goodness and trust that love will triumph over evil. 

Lord, help us to remain hopeful when bad things happen. 

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