Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing and Its Aftermath

Rebekah Gregory and her son, Noah, attended the 2013 Boston Marathon to cheer on a friend who was running in the race. They were standing near the finish line when the two bombs detonated, one after the other. Luckily, Noah was positioned behind his mom at the time of the blasts and suffered relatively minor injuries, but both of Rebekah's legs—her left one in particular—were seriously injured.

Back home in Houston, Rebekah's doctors worked for months to save the left leg. Rebekah wanted nothing more to be back her old self so she kept praying and fighting through the pain, fearing that without her left leg, she couldn't be a proper mother to Noah. But a passing remark from Noah caused her to rethink her situation, giving her the courage to let go, to accept a prosthetic leg, and her life has been on the rise ever since. 

Read Rebekah's inspiring story from the April 2017 issue of Guideposts.