The Good ‘Cat’ Samaritans

The kind deeds of two neighborhood ladies who care for hungry kitties.

Posted in , Aug 16, 2018

Street cat

Last Thursday, I was having one of those crazy days of general work and life stress that makes you question humanity! When I got off the subway that evening, though, I saw something that did just the opposite. It restored my hope.

I saw a woman feeding stray cats –six of them – in my neighborhood. She scooped food onto little plates and the cats feasted.  You can check out a photo of that scene on the Mysterious Ways Facebook page here.

I talked to the Good Samaritan about her kind deed. She said the cats had also been spayed and vaccinated. She and a neighbor had been taking care of the cats for some time. I had no idea such kind deeds were going on right in my neighborhood.

What about you? Have you ever stumbled upon someone doing something wonderful for the world? Share your story below!

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