Waiting Out Winter

As dark days of snow and ice persist, it can be hard to believe that warm, sunny days will arrive. But they will.

Posted in , Feb 23, 2018

Waiting for spring

Seriously?! I’d just finished watching the weather woman on our local news channel. The seven-day forecast included more snow and more frigid temperatures with some wind and black ice thrown in for good measure. It’s understandable to a certain extent. After all, it is winter in the mountains, but this one feels like it will never end.

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I’m so done with slick sidewalks, heavy coats, gloves and scarves. I’m tired of days where my plans are changed by dangerous roads, nights where the house still feels chilly even with the gas logs lit and the furnace chugging along. There are days I wonder if spring will ever come.

It can be the same in life when I feel bogged down by nagging problems, discouragement or icy winds of fear. Slipping and sliding through those kinds of days, will I ever feel the easy sunshine of warm days again? But just as I hold on to my husband for balance as I walk over slippery sidewalks, I can make it through dark seasons by holding onto the One who will never let me fall.

So I'm hanging in. Just as spring always follows winter, God promises that “joy comes in the morning.” Yes, joy! And you can always trust a promise from the God who never fails us. 

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