This Traveling Hairstylist Transforms the Homeless

London-based hairstylist Joshua Coombes started the #DoSomethingForNothing movement to inspire others to give back


Joshua Coombes giving haircut to  homeless person

Two years ago, London-based stylist Joshua Coombes decided to pair his talent for hair and his passion for giving back.

The hair expert was looking for a way to connect with people in his hometown and boost the esteem of the homeless community when he founded the #DoSomethingForNothing campaign. Free of charge, Coombes gives haircuts to those in need, hitting the streets to not only provide a service, but to interact and commune with people who are often overlooked. By giving a haircut, Coombes says he connects with his clients and learn about their journey.

“Fulfillment is different for everyone, but for me, connecting with others is what makes me tick,” Coombes wrote. “It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what’s led you to this moment. I want to listen and learn.”

So far he has used his trusty scissors on hundreds of impoverished people – bonding with people across the globe, from New York to Barcelona and Mexico. By creating the #DoSomethingforNothing -- a hashtag with over 6,000 posts on Instagram -- he hopes that others will follow suit and document their random acts of kindness for others.


Your smile can restore someone's faith in humanity. #DoSomethingForNothing

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On his Instagram @joshuacoombes, there are various photos of Coombes special clients getting their makeovers. Their faces are filled with happiness – Coombes changes their day for the better by transforming them and documents their unique stories in the captions underneath.

“Hairdressing is how I communicate with people, but this is so much more than that”, he mentions in his campaign video. “Whatever you give to somebody whether it’s buying a cup of coffee, buying somebody some flowers or even just sitting down and having a conversation – remember this small thing it makes a big difference.”

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