What Are Your Big Questions?

Mysterious Ways wants to know what you're just itching to ask God.

Posted in , Oct 19, 2017

Big questions for God

When I was younger, I always assumed that spiritual people had so much faith that they never asked questions or had doubts. Their faith was unshakable. Now that I’m older, I know that having questions and doubts is very normal. I mean, look at the apostle Thomas!

That’s one reason I love working at Mysterious Ways. It’s basically a magazine all about questions. What is heaven really like?  Why do we suffer? Why does God wake us up in the middle of the night? Why does he send us “divine storms”

Of course, we may never get answers to those questions. But the more I ask, the more I realize God doesn’t mind us asking. Those questions can bring us closer to the truth. Closer to God. Closer to the understanding that the universe is more complex, more brilliant than we could ever possibly imagine.

So now I’m wondering…what are your big questions? What are you just itching to ask God and have answered?

Share your big questions below or at Facebook.com/MysteriousWays! We might just investigate your question next in Mysterious Ways!

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