When God Connects Us in a Very Special Way

Sometimes our encounters with others are not just by chance.

Posted in , Oct 9, 2019

Divine connections

There are people we meet for a divine purpose—not just someone who crosses our path, but someone God wants us to meet. It’s as if there is an unseen plan unfolding to ensure that it happens. And when it does, time slows down.

Recently, my colleague Michelene, who works in the Guideposts Philanthropy department, experienced this while visiting a longtime supporter of the organization, Cindy. Although they had spoken on the phone and exchanged emails, it was their first time meeting in person.

They had a wonderful encounter, and when they were about to say their goodbyes, they exchanged business cards. At that moment, something clicked in Michelene—Cindy’s business card stated her maiden and married names. Michelene quickly realized that Cindy’s maiden name was the same as another man’s who had supported Guideposts, but who recently passed away. Michelene had had a great relationship with him.

When Michelene mentioned the coincidence of the names, it turned out the man was Cindy’s father. She started to cry and was thrilled to know that Michelene had known her father and spoken with him several times. They discovered they were both grieving the loss of a parent. Michelene’s mother had died in June and Cindy’s dad in December of the same year. Michelene recalled the day when Cindy’s brother called to let her know that his father had passed. The father had kept one of the note cards that she had sent him. Little did she know, Cindy was his sister. 

The two women found comfort and strength in one another that day and shared their pain of losing a parent. They left the meeting feeling uplifted and inspired by their time together. And knowing it was no coincidence at all that they met. The Lord ordained their steps, allowing them to connect in a very special way. That day, they both felt as if their parents were smiling down on them from heaven. We never know who God will bring into our lives, but when it happens, it’s a divine connection!

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