When God Moves the Mountains That We Don’t See

Obstacles and road blocks—sometimes God gets them out of the way without our even noticing.

Posted in , Dec 1, 2017

When God moves mountains

The harmony of the song during the church service was beautiful, but then the words caught my attention: words about God moving mountains that we don’t see. Those words slammed into me because of a recent experience I had with mountains.

Several weeks earlier, my husband and I spent six days near Vancouver, Canada. Executive Producer Brian Bird and I have co-authored a book, When God Calls the Heart, in conjunction with the When Calls the Heart television series, and we’d traveled to Vancouver for the Hearties Family Reunion that they host each year for fans of the show. 

The first few days we were there, the weather was gloomy and rainy. The socked-in clouds limited visibility, but thankfully on our third day there, it started clearing a bit as we headed out for our visit to the set where the show is filmed.

We had a fun day touring the town, church and houses that we’ve seen on our television screens and meeting the stars, writers and crew from the show. After days of gloom we were thrilled when the sun finally showed up.

Late that afternoon, we started back to our hotel, and when we were halfway there, my husband and I both gasped and said, “Where did those mountains come from?” We’d been there for days and hadn’t had a clue that we were surrounded by towering peaks, some of them capped with snow. They’d been obscured by the thick clouds. 

So that was my mental visual as the ladies sang about God moving mountains that we don’t see. Tears sprang to my eyes as I thought about all those times God has changed circumstances in my life and about moments when I whined or complained because God wasn’t doing things in the manner I thought He should. I thought about all those moments when I wondered if He cared, because the direction He was sending me didn’t make sense. Maybe some of you are experiencing moments like that right now. 

I’ve learned that those are the moments we have to trust Him—because even though we don’t see them, He sees the mountains—the obstacles in our lives—that are there. Sometimes those unexpected moments are God moving us around the mountains that would have defeated us or caused us great harm. 

But we also have the confidence that the God who made those mountains can move them whenever He wants—whenever it’s His perfect time and plan for our lives.

Lord, in those moments that don’t make sense to me, help me to trust You, knowing that you see the mountains in my life that I didn’t know were there. Thank You for protecting me…even during times when I didn’t even know You were doing it. Help me to be ready and available whenever You want to move the mountains in my life. Amen. 

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