When God Seems Far Away

Just like waiting for spring flowers to emerge, know that light and color will enter your life again.

Posted in , Mar 27, 2017


In the gray haze of morning recently, I sipped a cup of hot tea as I looked out my kitchen doors. Our house is surrounded by woods on three sides, and it’s a lovely view in spring, summer and fall. 

But spring leaves have not yet appeared, and the colorful patio umbrellas and deck cushions are still packed away from the winter. It’s just blah. We’ve had a few of those early spring tease days when the weather was nice enough that it made my heart yearn for the colorful display that my deck usually features.

The daffodils and crocuses are usually our early bloomers, and it gives me great delight when I see those bright green shoots peeking up from the ground. I can’t wait for the sheer delight of yellow blooms that will follow. I know that cheery tulips are on the way, the weeping willies (as my young son called weeping willow trees) will soon be swaying in the breeze like a grandmother’s shawl, and the cherry trees will be dressed in their spring pink.

But on this bleak, early spring morning, that all seemed months away.

Sweet friends, sometimes it’s the same way spiritually. We hit bleak times in our lives, and it feels as if God is a million miles away. We chase the dreams He’s put on our hearts, and we wait and wait, but nothing happens.

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I can’t see the flowers yet, but I know they’re coming. I’ve seen that happen year after year. I know with certainty that those bulbs lying dormant under the soil will come to life when God says it’s time. And just like things happening to those bulbs below the soil, God is busily at work on our behalf, even when we can’t yet see those first sprouts of His provision.

The flowers are coming. If God has made you a promise, you can count on the fact that you will one day see it bloom in your life as well.

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