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Daily Guideposts 2018: Sharing the Material of Life

In this inspirational devotional, writers put the events of their daily lives into sharp spiritual focus.

8 things to love about your Bible

8 Things to Love About Your Bible

Rediscovering the delight and hope provided in the pages of God’s Word.

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Students reading

Blessed for a Reason

We are to be the vehicle of blessings, allowing them to multiply beyond ourselves into the lives of others.

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Child stuck behind fence.

Seeing a Problem from a Different Perspective

How a spiritual approach can help you figure a way out of a tight spot.

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Soup kitchen hope

A Soup Kitchen Blessing

Along with a hot meal, a dose of hope.

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How God helps when you can't see a way out

When You Can’t See a Way Out, God Can

A cash-strapped family finds unexpected help from their friends.

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What Mary Did–And Didn’t Do

The mother of Jesus held strong in her faith despite the unknown and eventual heartbreak.

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Surprises from the Pulpit

A mom realizes, as her son preaches to his congregation, just how much she taught him.

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Grace Church, one of the many historic houses of worship in downtown Manhattan

Historic Churches of Lower Manhattan

New York City boasts some of the most historic churches in the United States. Here are some houses of worship that can be found below 14th Street in Manhattan that you may wish to visit when you travel to the Big Apple.

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A nativity set with ceramic figure of Mary and Joseph and the infant Jesus

Nativity Scenes: The Story Behind this Christmas Tradition

If you display a set of plaster or carved Nativity figures each Christmas, you are taking part in a tradition that dates back centuries.

Dreaming of Denmark

Mysterious Dreams of Denmark

For someone who rarely remembers her dreams, this far-away country poses a puzzle.

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A screenshot of the Guideposts homepage. Wins National Award

The redesigned website has won industry recognition

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You are special.

You Are Special!

If the God of the universe thinks you’re worthy of love, maybe it’s time that you start believing that as well?

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Martin Luther

9 Things You Should Know About the Reformation

On the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's posting of his 95 Theses, discover the story of the movement that continues to shape Christianity today. 

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