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The Art (and Craft) of Community-Building

Being part of a public art project reminds me of how connected we are when we work together to create something.

Hispanic Heritage Month: 15 Inspiring Figures

Hispanic Heritage Month: 15 Inspiring Figures

From painters and poets to astronauts, actresses, and Nobel Peace Prize winners, here are some of the most influential Latino Americans you should know about. 

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Rays from the rising sun stream through dark clouds

Hurricane Irma: Coping With Fear and Anxiety

Bible verses, prayers and stories for comfort and hope 

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A satellite image of Hurrican Irma
Stark beauty in Death Valley

Stark Beauty in Death Valley

A national park’s challenge to reflect on a natural landscape that’s not traditionally beautiful elicited some inspiring reactions.

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Acclaimed character actor Ned Beatty

Guideposts Classics: Ned Beatty on Making Room for God

In this story from November 1984, the acclaimed character actor shares how his faith helps him through the down times.

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Helping someone after Hurricane Harvey

Grace in the Midst of Hurricane Harvey

A storm doesn’t dampen the spirit of community and even celebration.

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Andrew in the garden with his son, Marty, and wife Kathy

A Small Piece of Heaven: The Joys of Gardening

Listen as husband and father of two Andrew Siegel, having started small by growing a single tomato plant years ago, explains why he now finds great joy in time spent in the garden with his family.

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How faith can help you cope with rejection

Waiting Out Rejection

When it comes to making big dreams happen, focus on faith to get you to “yes.”

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Flood rescue

7 Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey

In the middle of devastation and suffering, witnessing moments of love and grace

The goodness of people

A Glimmer of Goodness

Simple, quick and meaningful gestures of goodwill toward others

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How to let go of past mistakes

5 Bible Verses to Help You Let Go of Past Mistakes

Beating yourself up over something you did? Stop. And move forward to embrace God’s fresh offerings.

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An everyday faith

The Blessing of an Everyday Faith

A relationship with God doesn’t have to be about dazzling light or mountaintop moments.

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A woman turns to writing after the death of her mother.

A Source of Comfort in a Time of Grieving

A disconsolate daughter finds solace in writing about her late mother.

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