Life After Death

When we contemplate the afterlife, we might imagine a paradise of angels and loved ones who have gone before us--a blissful place. Imagining the beauty of heaven can be of great comfort at a time of grief, offering hope that life after death is not just a wish but a promise fulfilled.

Lee Strobel on the set for The Case for Heaven discussing life after death

How Lee Strobel Makes a Case for Heaven

After his own close brush with death, an author seeks to understand life after death.

Edward and Gracie

How Do You Imagine Heaven?

After a loss, struggling with where a loved one has gone.

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Picket fence guarding a beautiful garden; Getty Images

The Big Question: What Is Heaven?

When we finally pass on from this world to the next, what awaits us? Departed family members? A choir of angels? As long as people have strived for heaven, they’ve wondered what it will be like. Can we even imagine something so wonderful? Over the years, writers, theologians and philosophers have tried. And we’ve collected their thoughts here:

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What does heaven look like door

What Does Heaven Look Like?

Learn about heaven from people who experienced life after death during near-death experiences. 

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Bruce Greyson; Photo credit: Jen Fariello

A Conversation with a Near-Death Experience Expert

Psychiatrist Bruce Greyson devotes much of his time studying what awaits us in the afterlife and shares his research findings.

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Galaxy; Getty Images

The Big Question: Can Our Departed Loved Ones Communicate with Us?

People often reach out to us with stories about the heavenly messages they’ve received from their deceased loved ones. These signs offer guidance, healing and reassurance.

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An illustration of a cabin by a lake; Illustration By Michael Paraskevasi

How His Near-Death Experience Transformed His Soul

He almost died from Covid-19—but a glimpse of the afterlife proved he was meant to live.

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Path in forest to light showing life after death

Seeing Heaven Through a Near-Death Experience

Read tales of heaven from people who have been there and back, witnessing life after death. 

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Luca, a young boy; Photo credit: Hannah Yoon

His Scary Near-Death Experience Became a Powerful Testimonial

He was only a few weeks old when he was rushed to the hospital.  Now, his memories of watching from above comfort them all.

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Woman in yellow field at sunset having a dream about her deceased loved ones

Was God Sending Her Messages in Her Dreams?

After two tragic family deaths, her dreams assured her that her loved ones were happy in heaven.

William Peters; Photo courtesy William Peters

A Conversation About the Healing Power of Shared Near-Death Experiences

A researcher who studies the end of life explains what these experiences are—and what they can teach us about the mysteries of life after death.  

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Illustration of a woman among clouds

She Shared the Details of Her Near-Death Experience

To comfort a dying friend, she described a blissful experience on a pink cloud.

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Jeff Olsen and Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll/ Photo credit: Robin Johnson

Their Shared Near-Death Experience Formed an Unbreakable Bond

After a devastating car accident, a glimpse of the afterlife continued to remind this patient-doctor duo of their divine connection. 

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Two hands touching

The Divine Power Behind Shared Death Experiences

Psychotherapist William Peters discusses the profound experience between a living person and a deceased loved one as they transition into the afterlife.

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An old photo of Mark and his family.

The Near-Death Experience That Brought Him Clarity

He almost died in the fire that killed his mother and brother. But the divine encounter gave him the strength he needed to get sober years later.

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A woman walking on abandoned railroad tracks towards a mysterious glowing light.

Why Do Only Some People Get Near-Death Experiences?

A leading researcher explains why only a certain percentage of people get a glimpse of the afterlife.

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