A Dolphin Divine

A Florida widow is given an aquatic assurance that her departed husband is still with her.

Posted in , Aug 23, 2012

An artist's rendering of a dolphin leaping from the water

My husband, Richard, felt closest to God when he was near the water. He spent all his free time on the river by our home. Because the river flowed into the sea, we always looked for dolphins, my favorite animal.

Richard was an expert at spotting them. They travel in pods, so when we spied one, we knew there were still more to enjoy.

After Richard began treatment for cancer, the two of us took walks on the dock next to the hospital. The water was far too murky to see anything here, but Richard searched for dolphins anyway.

“I’m on the lookout,” he always said, squeezing my hand. Month after month, we looked but never saw our dolphin at the hospital dock.

A little more than a year after his diagnosis, Richard passed away. The next morning, I woke up alone in our bed. Almost before I was fully conscious and aware of all we’d been through, I heard a voice inside my head: Go to the water. It didn’t even occur to me not to obey.

First I drove to the shore near our home, but when I arrived, I sensed that I needed go to the hospital dock instead.

When I stepped onto the wooden walkway, I felt Richard’s arms around me. I stopped, closed my eyes and lingered there. I opened my eyes and looked into the water. It was crystal clear.

Richard and I had walked here numerous times. The water had never been anything but murky, never clear. But now, I could see everything under the surface: hundreds of tiny mullet fish, catfish, a very large turtle, a stingray! The farther I walked, the more animals I saw.

I reached the end of the dock, keeping my eyes on the miraculous sight below me. How Richard would have loved it!

God, is he in heaven with you now? In the distance, a dolphin jumped out of the river. One lone dolphin. The light from the sun danced off of the water as it disappeared into the horizon. Of course Richard was with God. He’d sent a dolphin to show me.


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