An Angelic Ginger Ale

Pop Pop was gone, but his presence was still felt—in the form of his favorite soda.

- Posted on Aug 30, 2012

A server's tray with a lone glass of ginger ale on it

Family celebrations were a top priority for my husband, John. Unfortunately, John was too ill to celebrate when our grandson Johnnie turned 21.

“We’ll postpone the party until next year,” Johnnie said over the phone. “Tell Pop Pop we’ll have plenty of ginger ale for him.” When we went out to restaurants, Pop Pop never ordered anything else.

Sadly, John didn’t make it through another year. He passed away not long after that phone call. One year later, the family met at a restaurant for Johnnie’s 22nd birthday. We reminisced about John while the waitress brought our drinks.

After everyone had been served, an extra glass remained on the tray. “Who ordered ginger ale?” she asked.

The family exchanged glances. No one had ordered ginger ale. John was with us, celebrating in spirit.


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