Angels Dancing in the Garden

She remained a sweet and happy person until God chose to take her home to heaven.

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Angels Dancing in the Garden

Has everyone had a beloved aunt in their life? I sure hope so! For me, it was my dad’s wonderful sister Anne; decades later, my childhood memories of her still linger.

Aunt Anne was always laughing, smiling with arms outstretched. You could barely get into the room before being smothered in hugs and kisses—you always knew for sure how glad she was to see you. Aunt Anne had one daughter, Patsy. They were like two peas in a pod. Wherever they were in the house, you could hear gales of laughter coming from that direction.

Life was not always easy for Aunt Anne, but for the children who came to visit her, she was like Christmas every day. A more beautiful heart and soul you could not find anywhere. Time began to take its toll on Aunt Anne, as it does on all of us. But she remained a sweet and happy person until God chose to take her home to heaven.

As always, Patsy was with her when she left for her eternal home. She told me later that as she looked out the window of her mother’s room, she saw angels dancing in the garden. The joy she brought to others all her life was now coming back to her, and she was rewarded with the same kind of love and devotion she had showered on everyone who had crossed her path in life.

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