Comforted by God's Grace

It was a miracle, one she will never forget. In her her husband's death she encountered the peace that passeth all understanding.

Posted in , Jun 3, 2013

Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

A very dear friend recently had her faith tested in a way she never could have imagined. Through the experience, she was intimately touched by God’s grace in a brand new way.

Her husband of many years had been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder, and although he was treated successfully for a long time, it seemed things were changing for the worse. 

His doctors suggested he travel a good distance to run a few more tests; fortunately they had family there, which made everything so much better. Surrounded by children and grandchildren, he rallied for a while as so many people do when in the presence of pure love, and he would have done anything to get better and stay with them. But this was not to be.

He wanted to be at home, so he was cared for there by a hospice team. Needless to say he had the most loving attention possible, with family coming and going day and night. They were wonderful with their dad and grandpa who had loved them so much. He was simply getting back all the love he had given away in his lifetime.

He declined very gently, and one day while my friend was out of the room for just a moment, her husband left. We see this happen often when someone loves very deeply and does not want their loved one to see them die. When she entered the room and sat down to hold his hand she was stunned. His face was radiant, he looked at least 20 years younger than he had moments before, his mouth had closed and a tender smile was on his lips. It was a miracle and one she will never forget. She was touched by the intimacy of God’s grace and felt Him with her as never before.

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