Dad's Greatest Gift

He reached out his hand toward the sky as if he was talking hold of his wife’s.

Posted in , Feb 11, 2013

Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

A dear friend wrote to me about the deaths of both parents: her mom, just six months after they moved to be close to her in Florida; her dad, so lost and lonely after his wife of 66 years died without warning that he began a slow but definite decline. It was so difficult for him to get up at night that he had decreased his liquid intake and developed sepsis as a result.

My friend went out of town for about a week and returned to find her dad much weaker, not wanting to eat and asking if he could live with her until his death. Of course she agreed. He became comfortable and peaceful in short order and although he said little and kept his eyes closed, she knew he heard everything going on around him.

Her sister had been visiting and was getting ready to go back to Chicago. She told their dad that if he wanted both of them with him when he went to meet his love in heaven, he had better start on his journey now. She gave him the option of waiting or going while they were all together. She left the room for a cup of coffee and when she returned his breathing had changed and he opened his beautiful blue eyes for the first time in days.

He looked so happy, and he smiled the smile that had always crossed his face when his wife entered a room or walked toward him. Then he slowly reached out his hand toward the sky as if he was talking hold of his wife’s. He closed his eyes and left with a lovely smile on his face. They knew right away that their mom had called him and that they are now together once again in God’s own embrace.

As my friend wrote, “I will be forever grateful for this greatest gift from my dad—letting me experience his heavenly journey with him.”

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