Escorted to Heaven by Angels

Be inspired by these tales of heavenly guides bringing comfort and reassurance to people in the final hours of their lives and to the loved ones who are saying goodbye to them.

- Posted on Jun 17, 2016

Winged angels line the path to heaven

We are inspired and made hopeful by stories of the roles that angels play throughout our lives, especially those that assure us that they are present to guide our loved ones through their final hours.

We've collected three stories that illustrate how angels serve to comfort not only those who are leaving this world, but also those they leave behind. In Two Angels Led the Way, a woman who has lost her husband and young daughter in a tragic auto accident is comforted by a vision of her two loved ones walking hand in hand toward a group of angels waiting for them on a stairway to heaven.

"If we can get Guideposts inspirational stories into the hands of people who may not have a devotional life, they can share the true-life stories of how God works in the world. The joy of Guideposts is their free, donated magazines - they allow me to help all the people who I am called on to serve."

-Rob Carter,  Nyack Hospital's Director of Pastoral Care

In Chaperone to Heaven, a woman describes how, in her mother's final minutes, a mysterious stranger dressed in other-worldly garments appeared seemingly out of nowhere to offer comfort and guidance.

Finally, in The Angels Who Took Her Home, a man who desperately fears losing his loved ones, sees a pair of angels bring comfort during his terminally ill mother's final minutes, reassuring him that neither his mother nor those who loved her were alone in that difficult time.

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