Final Gifts on Their Way to Heaven

The last words or messages our loved ones give us often have a profound effect on those left behind.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

I often hear from family members and friends about the experiences their loved ones shared with them on their way to heaven. These vary greatly from person to person but often have a profound effect on those left behind.

Janice tells of holding her mother in her arms at the very last moments, as her mother spoke about her parents and siblings awaiting her. She stared at someone behind Janice, her eyes open wide, and she began to smile. In a moment she was gone, with peace covering her face.

Suzanne tells about her grandmother’s last moments. She appeared to be sleeping when suddenly she reached out her hand and said, “Oh, Martha, you look so beautiful,” just as she took her last breath. Martha was her youngest and closest sister.

Lydia and Carol were caring for their friend Hilda. In the evening they came together to share the events of the day.  “Did you see them?” Carol asked. “You mean the angels?” Lydia replied. “Yes, my friend, they are here to fetch her, and she looks so peaceful.” Hilda passed into heaven the next morning and Lydia and Carol had seen the angels who came for her.

Chuck writes about the dad he loved, who was the picture of a bull. He was strong, capable and always willing to help, the one you called on when you needed a hand. Not long after retirement and knee surgery, his dad begins to decline. Health problems plagued him and he became a fragile version of his former self. One night, the sound of his dad’s lungs filling with fluid was more than Chuck could stand. To his surprise, the next morning he found his dad looking out the window with a peaceful glow in his eyes. He died soon after viewing something or someone out the window. Says Chuck: “I believe Jesus took his hand and told him the journey was over, saying, ‘Come on home, my son.’ ”

Vicky tells of her 92-year-old dad in the ICU for three weeks. When he awakened from sleep, he stared into the distance. She asked if he could see the angels, and after a slight pause he said, “No, I don’t see any angels.” She told him they were coming for him and when they did, he could go with them. She said, “Daddy, when you see Jesus, will you ask him to send rain? Texas needs rain so badly. “ “Yes, I will do that,” he said. He died quietly on Wednesday evening, and the rain started on Thursday and did not stop until Sunday. You will never convince her that it was a coincidence—never.

These are the final gifts left for loved ones. They stay with you forever.

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