Finding Peace After Her Mother's Death

Her mother was so happy to see her own mother, father and grandparents who had gone to heaven before her.

Posted in , May 27, 2013

Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

There is a tailor in my community whom I turn to for her services. One day she looked particularly sad and I asked how she was doing.

She told me that her 94-year-old mother had died recently and she had many questions about what had taken place prior to her death. She and her family did not know whom to ask, and it weighed heavily on their hearts.

It seems that about a month before she died, she let her family know she no longer needed to eat any more. The family was so accustomed to loving her through the good foods they prepared for her that they felt helpless in the face of this new situation.

She spoke often of seeing and visiting with her own mother, father, grandparents, uncles and many other relatives. They came to her at different times of the day. She told all those caring for her what they had said. She was so happy to spend time with her family who had gone to heaven before her, and although she felt very peaceful when they left, she greatly looked forward to their next visit.

I explained to the tailor that this was a very common occurrence for those who are about to enter eternity and how blessed she and her family were to have been able to hear of this experience from her own mother’s lips. Her face lit up with a huge smile and a peace I had not seen there for quite some time.

Hearing this explanation, which she was anxious to share with others in her family, allowed her to feel joy again and to be happy about her mother’s experience. Words can truly matter, and that is why I ask the Holy Spirit often for the words to bring comfort to others.

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