Glimpses of Heaven: Sometimes Christmas Comes Early

Glimpses of Heaven author Trudy Harris shares a touching true story about this sacred time of year.

Posted in , Nov 18, 2016

Glimpses of Heaven: Sometimes Christmas Comes Early

This sacred time of year always brings back wonderful memories of Christmas past and all the joy and love wrapped up in them.

Christmas brings smiles, expressions of affection, often times held in reserve. People feel free to express the feelings deep in their hearts in ways they do not usually do throughout the year.

Christmas brings the sacred to our minds and hearts. It reminds us about the event that celebrates this time of year. We think more deeply about God’s love for us in sending us his Son as our Savior and Redeemer, so that we might spend eternity with him.

Christmas sometimes comes earlier than December 25th. My mind drifts back to a number of my terminally ill patients who knew that they would not be here on that date.


One, in particular, asked in October, “Can we put up our tree now and place the nativity scene where I can see it?” “Can we sing Christmas carols and share presents now and write cards to each other the way we always do?”

And so a beautiful Christmas tree was decorated in late October and the nativity scene was placed near his bed, where he could turn his head to ponder that event, any time he wanted to. His family sang carols and exchanged presents and shared expressions of love and affection just as they had always done, during this very holy season of the year. I do believe it was the loveliest Christmas ever for all of them. John died very soon after with a very peaceful and happy heart.

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