God Is Love

Where there is love, God abides.

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Trudy Harris, Glimpses of Heaven blogger

The bonds of love, when two people have really become one, remain after the separation of death, with one living on earth and the other living in heaven.

Four months after the sudden death of her husband at 60 years of age, Jane writes that she felt someone sit down on the bed while she was sleeping. Her immediate fear left as quickly as it came. Looking over her shoulder, she saw her husband put his arm around her. He looked young and tanned and had a glow about him. When she awoke, she said to herself, “I just saw my husband.”

Donald writes about his wife of 57 years. She had been disabled for many years and he had cared for her with great love until her death. He wished that he could receive a sign that she was happy. One afternoon while visiting her grave, he told her that he would visit his parents’ and friend’s graves and come back to her. When he returned, there were three geese sitting on top of her grave, nibbling the grass. Since geese mate for life, he took it as a sign from his wife that one goose had lost its mate. He knew then that she was in heaven.

A woman writes about visiting her husband’s grave on their 39th wedding anniversary. As she got back into the car, she was greeted with the aroma of his cologne, the same one she gave him each Christmas. She knew it was God’s way of letting her know that Scotty was with him.

My mom and dad were very close and loved each other deeply. When he died at 68 after being ill for only a short while, she missed him terribly. She spoke often of awakening during the night, feeling Dad’s leg wrapped around hers, as they always slept. She would reach back to touch him and realize he was not there in physical form but with her nonetheless.

Where God is, that’s where love abides. Where love is, that’s where God abides.

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