Heaven Is Very Real

She was very much aware of being both here on Earth and with those in heaven.

Posted in , Mar 4, 2013

Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

After the death of her beloved mother, a young woman wrote to me that she had found new hope and belief in the reality of heaven during this saddest time of her life. Her mother was 87 years old and suffered greatly during the last few months of her life. She was surrounded by all of her daughters, who loved her dearly, just as she had loved each of them. They were a tightly woven family.

“My mother’s death, though unbearably grievous to every part of my being, changed my life forever,” she wrote. “God used her light to confirm the reality of heaven for me.” The day before her death, the young woman said, she had been sitting with her mother and holding her hand, when suddenly she looked up as though seeing someone in front of her. She was overcome with a sense of peace and wellbeing.

She asked her mother who was with her, and the response was amazing: She said she saw her husband, as well as her son, who had died in 1970, and her mother, father, sister and brother.

“Then she said something that took our breath away,” the young woman wrote. “There were six children born to my mom and dad; she had conceived eight and had lost two as a result of miscarriages. She told us she was seeing the unborn children now for the first time. She was communicating with all of them and us at the same time.”

She was very much aware of being both here on Earth and with those in heaven who had gone on before her. She was speaking clearly and without any confusion. “For the first time,” the young woman wrote, “I knew for sure that heaven is very real. My mom had told us so.” Moments like this, especially from loved ones at the end of their journey, are a unique blessing that God provides us to comfort and show us the way.

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