Little Angel Going Home to Heaven

Close to death, she speaks easily about going home to God, anxious to accept his promise of eternal life.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

Several months ago I received a message from a young woman, Hannah Parks, who had just finished reading my first book, Glimpses of Heaven. She has a story to tell and she has given me permission to share it with you.

She is only 34 years old, terminally ill, not expected to live very much longer and is being cared for by a hospice program in her hometown. We have developed a wonderfully sweet friendship by telephone and email over the past several months and we feel as though we have always known each other. Her illness has not allowed her to eat for quite some time and her ability to swallow is compromised so each day brings its own set of challenges. Hospice controls her pain to a great degree, which is so important, making her as comfortable a possible each day God has in store for her here on Earth.

Her deeply Christian faith enables her to accept the circumstances of her life with a sublime submission, which I saw in person when I traveled to visit with her two weeks ago in the facility where she is now living. When I first laid eyes on her I knew that we were meant to meet in just this way. She appeared to be wrapped in a loving cocoon by family and friends and was peaceful and unafraid. She speaks openly and easily about going home to God, anxious to meet him face to face and to accept his promise of eternal life.

Hannah has written two books: Darling Little Angel and Under His Wings. Both collections are tender and exquisite and reflect the deep and abiding faith of a very young woman about to go home to her God. With Hannah’s permission I leave you with one of her poems from Under His Wings. Please pray for her safe journey home.

His Heartbeat
Broken and helpless
I lie within
The loving arms
Of my Savior and Friend
The sound of His heartbeat
Thunders in my ears
As His strong frame absorbs
My wellspring of tears.

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