The White Bird That Brought Them Peace

Once again we are given evidence of the afterlife and hear of loved ones comforted by the unseen heart of our Creator...

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A very spry 98-year-old woman was shopping in the mall one day with her daughter and granddaughter. After walking around for a while, she became tired and wanted to sit down.

They passed several chairs with women having back massages. Her granddaughter talked her into getting one, and after 15 minutes she felt decidedly better. The massage therapist was a sweet woman; she explained that she was a nun who belonged to a Franciscan nursing order whose particular ministry involved caring for people and making them feel better. She mentioned that she even goes to the homes of those who ask her. Since I received my nurse's training from Franciscans in New York, I was thrilled to hear this story as I know well how loving and caring they truly are.

The woman's daughter was a bit hesitant, wondering if this was a scam, and tried to dissuade her from giving the nun personal information. But she would not be deterred and set up an appointment for the next week. Needless to say the daughter thoroughly researched the therapist and discovered she was exactly who she said she was and that she had done this kind of work for a long time. She and the therapist developed a wonderful friendship over the next several years that brought comfort and joy to both of them and she got free massages until the day she died.

All the family was gathered at the wake together when the nun shared an Indian legend with them. She said when good people die, their casket is often seen with a white bird flying above it during the funeral, indicating the soul is going home to God and is now at peace. During the drive from the funeral home to the church, a large, beautiful white bird flew just above the casket and stayed nearby during the service and all the way to the cemetery. When the service ended, the bird flew away.

Once again we hear of loved ones comforted by the unseen heart of our Creator—remember he promised that he would remain with us until the end of time, and he does!

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