Waking Up in Heaven

A woman describes her near-death experience and meeting her angels.

- Posted on Feb 17, 2014

Crystal McVea author of Waking Up in Heaven

During a hospital stay, I left my body for nine minutes and went to heaven. I was instantly aware of two beings in front of me who were to my left, and I knew right away they were angels. But they weren’t just any angels–they were my angels.

I recognized them immediately. There was so much brightness coming off them that I couldn’t make out any features. But they weren’t shapeless blobs; they definitely had a form, which was roughly that of a human body: long and slender. The being on the right appeared a bit bigger than the one on the left.

They didn’t move or hover or anything–they were just there. And what I instantly felt for them was love. A great, sweeping love for my angels overwhelmed me.

It was like they were the best friends I could ever have, though the word "friend" doesn’t come close to describing them. The angels were my protectors, my teachers, mentors, heroes, my strength, spirit, heart, everything, all rolled into one.

I felt like they had been a part of my existence and my journey forever–as if they had been by my side for every tear I ever cried, every decision I had ever made, every day I ever felt lonely, not only on Earth but through all eternity.

I felt so unbelievably safe and free in their presence, so happy and fulfilled. I understood why they were there–to greet me upon my arrival and guide me back home. They were the best welcoming committee you could ask for.

What’s more, I realized there was instant and complete communication between us. What do I mean by that? Imagine a button you can press; as soon as you press it, you know everything there is to know about someone, and they know everything about you. Or a password that, if you let me use it, gives me instant access to everything you’ve ever said or thought or felt or written or believed in your life: past, present, and future.

Instantly, I would have a more complete understanding of you than is possible on Earth. Well, that is what this was like–a sensation that everything we were, everything that mattered, was passing freely between my angels and me, strengthening our profound connection and an eternal bond.

There was no room whatsoever for secrets or shame or misunderstanding or anything negative. There was just this wonderful, beautiful, nourishing sense of knowing.

I wish I could say I recognized them as people I previously knew on Earth, but I didn’t. Many who have died describe seeing a favorite relative waiting for them in the beyond. They talk about the amazing joy of such a heavenly reunion. I would love to have been reunited with my precious grandma Ernie, but I wasn’t. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen; it just wasn’t part of my experience.

Still, meeting my angels left me overflowing with joy. They never left my side, and I knew they never would.

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