When You Are Closest to God

She said she had seen her name in the “big white book” and knew it was time to go.

Posted in , Feb 18, 2013

Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

I have often felt that people have control over when they “let go.” When they sense everything is in order, when have made amends to God, family and friends, when everyone is ready to let them go, when they have completed their tasks here on Earth, they simply go on to God.

Melody had a special “glimpse of heaven” like this when her dad died. He had just been put into hospice care and was expected to live a few weeks. Her mom had asked him to give her a sign when he was ready to step into heaven and when he saw Jesus.

The next morning, she was taking a short nap and when she awoke, she went into his room. Sensing she was there, he raised his arms to the sky, letting her know that it was time, and died.

Years later, Melody’s mother was dying of cancer and the end seemed near. She told Melody that she had seen her name in the “big white book” and knew it was time to go. She died very soon after.

“Everyone in the room felt the presence of angels, just as I did,” Melody said. “You are closest to God at the birth of a new baby and the death of a loved one.” It is amazing how often nurses write to tell me the very same thing; they sense the sacred in a clear and palpable way that cannot be denied. You stand on holy ground when you are with loved ones as they enter heaven.

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