Life After Death

When we contemplate the afterlife, we might imagine a paradise of angels and loved ones who have gone before us--a blissful place. Imagining the beauty of heaven can be of great comfort at a time of grief, offering hope that life after death is not just a wish but a promise fulfilled.
Surgeon and bestselling author Mary C. Neal

Dr. Mary C. Neal Recalls Her Inspiring Near-Death Experience

In this series of videos, surgeon and bestselling author Dr. Mary C. Neal recounts in detail the near-death experience she went through in 1999 and how it has impacted her life in the years since.


Do You Have Questions About Heaven?

Revelations from the author of a new book about her near-death experience.

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Entertainer Arthur Godfrey

Guideposts Classics: Arthur Godfrey on God's Mysterious Gifts

In this story from March 1950, beloved entertainer Arthur Godfrey recalls a time when his life was changed by a divinely inspired dream.

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Little Yellow Angel

Little Yellow Angel

A feathered friend becomes a source of comfort.

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An artist's rendering of a glowing heavenly light hovering over a patient's bed

A Spiritual Director on Inspiring 'Sunset Moments' of the Dying

Spiritual director Ann Satterfield talks about mysteries and miracles that can occur at the end of life on this earth.

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Elderly couple holding hands

The Science Behind a Broken Heart

Is there science behind the phenomenon of couples dying together? 

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Glimpses of Heaven: Sometimes Christmas Comes Early

Glimpses of Heaven: Sometimes Christmas Comes Early

Glimpses of Heaven author Trudy Harris shares a touching true story about this sacred time of year.

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Dr. Raymond Moody, the dean of near-death-experience (NDE) studies

Dr. Raymond Moody: The Secrets of the Afterlife

Mysterious Ways sat down with Dr. Raymond Moody, known as the dean of near-death-experience (NDE) studies, to discuss the great beyond, the “nonsense of dying” and his own trip to the outskirts of eternity.

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Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody on Life and the Afterlife

What has this NDE expert and author of the best-selling Life After Life learned about the afterlife?

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Darryl "The Miracle Man" Perry

'The Miracle Man' Who Went to Heaven and Came Back

Doctors couldn't explain how Darryl "The Miracle Man" Perry came back to life. But he knew it was all God's doing.

6 tips for responding to the words of the dying.

5 Ways to Respond to the Last Words of the Dying

In Part 3, linguist Lisa Smartt shares some wisdom for family, friends and caregivers.

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Speech patterns in the words of the dying reveal more about life after death.

5 Characteristics of the Last Words of the Dying

In Part 2, linguist Lisa Smartt uncovers patterns of speech that reveal more about life after death.

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The meaning of the last words of the dying.

The Words of the Dying–Part 1

Her father's death moves a linguist to explore the meaning of the mysterious final words of the dying.

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Winged angels line the path to heaven

Escorted to Heaven by Angels

Be inspired by these tales of heavenly guides bringing comfort and reassurance to people in the final hours of their lives and to the loved ones who are saying goodbye to them.

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A mother who lost her son on 9/11 finds comfort from beyond in a small angel figurine.

dwadeSep 9, 2015

I am often asked if dying and coming back influenced my decision to get ordained. The answer is yes and no. In some ways, I have always been on this path. I’ve had a strong interior spiritual call since I was a young boy. I’m sort of an accidental clergy member; I did not intend to remain at the pulpit, but I kept finding work that had to be done, so I did it.

Sabra CiancanelliAug 28, 2015

Peter Panagore was a college student ice climbing on his spring break when mistakes on the mountain caused him to die from hypothermia. We asked him some questions about the aftermath of his near-death experience.

Brett LeveridgeAug 3, 2015

A grieving widow receives much-needed comfort and proof of the afterlife in this excerpt from Thin Places.

Sabra CiancanelliAug 1, 2015

Shortly before he died of esophageal cancer, her husband made a promise to Janis Heaphy Durham that he would send her a sign that he was still with her, that there was an afterlife. Did he come through?

Brett LeveridgeJul 29, 2015

A Haunting Handprint From Heaven

My husband, Max, died at 12:44 p.m. on a sunny Saturday in May, surrounded by friends and family in the living room of our Sacramento home. His last breaths were labored. He lay on a narrow hospital bed, his emaciated body propped up to face the patio doors so he could feel the warmth of the sun.

I held his hand gently—gently because it felt like all bone, not the hand that had held mine with such strength for the past five years—and read from the Twenty-third Psalm. “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters....”


Are near-death experiences for real? Three studies uncovered some surprising answers…

Brett LeveridgeJul 17, 2015

Heaven: A Firsthand Account


Peter Panagore was a college student, ice-climbing in Canada on his spring break, when a near-death experience transformed him—and his faith—forever. 

Marvel at true stories that answer our deepest questions about the hereafter. Get Peter’s book as part of our 3-book set, To Heaven and Back.

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Famous Last Words

The often mysterious last words of the dying have long captured public attention. Are they merely final utterances? Or could they possibly hold a clue to the wonder that awaits us in the hereafter?

Take a look at these famous last words from notable authors, inventors and celebrities, and let us know what you think.

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My husband was gravely ill. In desperation, his doctors prescribed bypass heart surgery, a new and untested procedure at the time. Bob and I were  both frightened and needed a reprieve. A week before his surgery, we packed a picnic and on a glorious California day drove out to the Mojave Desert.

Bob loved the desert air, it was so dry and easy to breathe. We traveled aimlessly on back roads lined with desert flowers, yucca and the lovely palo verde tree. And then, on an off-road track, we chanced upon a path.

Sabra CiancanelliJun 18, 2015