Life After Death

Guideposts: Thomas Alva Edison, Maya Angelou and Steve Jobs

Famous Last Words

The often mysterious last words of the dying have long captured public attention. Are they merely final utterances? Or could they possibly hold a clue to the wonder that awaits us in the hereafter?

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Miraculous reassurance of God's love

Reassurance from Heaven

In this excerpt from Mysterious Ways: Touched by Heaven a miraculous experience comforts a husband and wife and washes away their fears.

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Evidence of Life After Death

Evidence of Life After Death

A hospice nurse has faith that there is an afterlife.

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Don Piper and his wife Eva at the Premiere of 90 MInutes in Heaven

Don Piper on '90 Minutes in Heaven'

Bestselling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven describes how prayer and heavenly assistance helped him survive a devastating car accident.

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Andraé Crouch

Andraé Crouch: Remembering a Gospel Legend

The iconic singer died of a heart attack at age 72.

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An artist's rendering of a man and his dog looking up at a large tree

Tree of Life

He’d thought his father was gone forever, until that magical day in the snowy woods.

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Eben Alexander

A Journey to Heaven

Eben Alexander speaks about the impact his near-death experience has had on his life.

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Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

Feelings Pass Away

No matter what our emotions now, some day we will not struggle with problems here on earth, but rejoice in heaven.

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sign from above comforting reassurance heaven sent sign from deceased loved one

Mysterious Ways: Heaven Sent

A sign from above is comforting reassurance to a grieving sister.

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Joan Wester Anderson

When Angels Have No Names

A young boy's angelic vision brings comfort to a grieving family.

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Crystal McVea author of Waking Up in Heaven

Waking Up in Heaven

A woman describes her near-death experience and meeting her angels.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

Time to Say Goodbye

Yes, angels are real, and people often see them as they are dying. Yes, people close to death see loved ones who have died before them...

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A car radio dial with the words "Life After Life" on it

A Heavenly Sign of Life After Life

In this excerpt from The Best Angel Stories 2015, a woman receives a much-needed message from heaven. 

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An artist's rendering of Janis' father accompanied by a pair of winged angels

A Quick Visit with Her Earthly Father in Heaven

A stroke left her near death, but a familiar voice told her it was not yet her time.

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