Life After Death

Diane Corcoran shares inspiring tales of those who have glimpsed the hereafter.

Near-Death Experiences: Proof of Life After Death

Nurse Diane Corcoran advocates for those who have glimpsed the hereafter.

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Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways: One Last Gift

Mom had never missed a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Now she was gone.

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Mom's Heaven-Sent Song

The music I heard was evidence of God's love

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Angel at the gate of heaven

Words to Love By

A Bible verse helps this woman realize she still has her father's love after his death.

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The author's family

Prayers in the Sky

His near-death experience was a vivid dream of the battle between life and death.

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blooming irises are a sign of God's love

Mysterious Ways: Mom's Irises

I always gave Mom flowers on her birthday. And flowers were the best present she ever gave me.

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Bonnie McEneaney

Mysterious Ways: Blue Heron

Grieving the death of her husband, a 9/11 widow receives a comforting sign from heaven.

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Messages from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11

Messages from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11

Watch as family members of 9/11 victims share stories of communications from the hereafter and talk about how their lives have changed over the years.

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chaperone to heaven

An Angel Escorted Her to Heaven

An angel suddenly appeared to bring my mother to her new home in heaven.

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Black Sand Beach

An Angel's Message in Stone

Was the mysterious response proof of the afterlife?

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A Heavenly Hymnal

A nervous choral singer gets an encouraging message from the hereafter.

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Todd and Colton Burpo discuss Colton's experience with the afterlife.

A Child's Visit to Heaven

Eleven-year-old Colton Burpo recounts his experience with the afterlife, the basis of the new movie Heaven Is for Real, in theatres now.

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