Miracles don't just come from ancient stories and myths--everyday miracles are all around us, if we only have our eyes open to see them.

An illustration of an individual's windshield viewpoint; Illustration by Leland Foster

How a Mysterious Dream Became a Divine Warning

He was hesitant to drive after his peculiar vision, but divine intervention guided him safely on his path.

Susans father in uniform; Photo credit: Susan A. Karas

A Heaven-Sent Encounter Became Comfort from Beyond

A woman gets a healing sign from beyond after the passing of her veteran father.

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An illustration depicting a scale in the sky; Illustration by Stuart Briers

The Soul: An Exploration of Characteristics and Existence

Experts weigh in on the location and definition of one’s spiritual self.

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A mountaineer admiring the scenic view of nature; Getty Images

The Big Question: How Does One 'Find' God?

God is everywhere… and nowhere. It’s a contradiction many have struggled with on their faith journey. How do we “find” an entity who is everything? One that’s impossible to fully conceptualize? Here, we’ve collected the responses of theologians, philosophers and authors as they’ve grappled with the question: how does one “find” God?

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Church stained glass windows with sun rays shining through; Getty Images

5 Stories of Miraculous Nuns

True stories of nuns experiencing—and facilitating—miracles and mysteries

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A bumper-to-bumper traffic jam

Mysterious Ways: A Commuter's Answered Prayer

Her long drive was a major source of stress, but she never expected a solution to present itself so quickly.

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digital miracles online miracles inspirational stories of faith

5 Cases of Digital Miracles

From mysterious connections to tech glitches, these miracles show us God is everywhere, including online.

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A Family Divinely Connected Through Historical Photos

She had a special bond with her husband’s grandmother. After perusing some scrapbooks, she learned the reason why.

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A Near-Death Experience During a Lung Transplant

During his surgery, he was transported to an otherworldly place filled with light, and met two mysterious figures.

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An illustration of an open window with a beachfront view; Illustration by Tatsuro Kiuchi

How a Divine Voice Offered Guidance and Strength

The strange voice reminded her that she was a good mother by sticking to her instincts.

Photo credit: Christine Simoneau Hales

How An Artist Found Her Purpose Through This Divine Encounter

A mysterious meeting prompted her to create faith-filled artwork designed to inspire others to reconnect with God.

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Ted's wife, Jeannie, and the young boy she saved; Photo credit: INDIANAPOLIS STAR/USA TODAY NETWORK

How This Fateful Encounter Became a Lesson in Forgiveness

This pastor received a letter from a prisoner that replaced his resentment with grace.

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A collage of watercolors in rainbow colors; Getty Images

5 Miraculous Stories Across The Color Spectrum

These everyday reassurances of God’s blessings remind us that divine miracles can saturate our lives at any time.

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Photo credit: Johnny and Emmy Sundby

How Constant Prayer Gave Her a Miracle Baby

After struggling to have a second child, prayers and her son’s remarkable premonition guided her out of infertility.

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Holy Week dream

The Bible’s Only Holy Week Dream—What Does It Tell Us?

Of the 21 dreams recorded in the Bible, only one came to a woman. Who was she?

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Dog with a paper heart on his nose; Getty Images

The Big Question: What Is Love?

Love is one of the most powerful force in the world. It can be devastating, uplifting, life-changing. It can move mountains and part seas. But what is love? Browse the musings of famous authors, poets and other sources of wisdom for potential answers to this eternal question.

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