Miracles don't just come from ancient stories and myths--everyday miracles are all around us, if we only have our eyes open to see them.

The perfect gift

Finding the Perfect Greeting Card

Have you ever been divinely nudged to buy a gift that turned out to be the best possible choice?

Actor Chris Pratt

The Tip That Changed Chris Pratt's Life

Chris Pratt's life and career haven't always been on such an upward path. Not so long ago, a stranger interceded to help him find his way back on track.

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A street lamp shines in the wee hours of the night

The Fourth Watch: Listening for God at Night

See why some Christians believe the late night or pre-dawn hours are a special time to connect with God. 

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Anastiscia Chantler-Lang and her husband, Greg

Divinely Connected Through Lyme Disease

Her doctors were baffled by the mysterious illness that was dismantling the life she'd built. Could the strange dream she'd had be a harbinger of happiness?

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Zach and Jodi Short, with their daughter, Brynlee

After a Farm Accident: Did this Town's Prayers Lead to a Miracle?

A freak accident left a Kansas farmer near death. His neighbors prayed every day for weeks. Even the doctors were surprised by the results.

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Mountainous landscape with illuminated camping tent

A Fearful Night in Honduras

I heard a sound outside our camper shell… Was it just my fear of the unknown?

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The image of the Virgin Mary in Clearwater, Florida

10 Miracles from Sea to Shining Sea

Check out our collection of some of our nation’s most memorable miracles—from an incredible plane landing in New York City to a miraculous fire hydrant in San Francisco. 

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A full moon on a clear, crisp night

5 Tips for Making the Most of the Nighttime

Ever wonder what to do with yourself upon waking in the wee hours of the morning? Here are some ideas from five spiritual advisors...

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Gardener smelling her flowers

8 Things You Might Not Know About the Sense of Smell

Did you know that certain scents can help boost your mood? Or that certain scents can even trigger memories? It's true! Here are eight facts you may not know about the sense of smell. 

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My Last Walk with Dad

My Last Walk with Dad

Was it just a dream...or something more?

An Esther Krinitz tapestry entitled Rosh Hashanah

The Amazing Art of Holocaust Survivor Esther Krinitz

At the age of 50, Esther Nisenthal Krinitz began to create amazing tapestries that told the story of her survival during the Holocaust. Check out our selections of her inspiring work!

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Dr. Lisa Miller poses with a young child who resembles her

The Science of Spirituality

We spoke with psychologist Lisa Miller, best-selling author and founder of Columbia University’s Spirituality & Mind Body Institute, about the role of spirituality from childhood forward.

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A Divinely Timed Lesson

A Divinely Timed Lesson

As a teacher, I watched out for my students. But who was watching out for me?

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The mistake that led to a miracle of light.

A Chance Encounter with 'The Painter of Light'

A missed subway connection leads to something better, appreciating the work of painter J.M.W. Turner.

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