Miracles don't just come from ancient stories and myths--everyday miracles are all around us, if we only have our eyes open to see them.
Sunshine streams through beech trees in bluebell woods of Oxfordshire.

The Big Question: Is Doubt Necessary for Spiritual Growth?

For hundreds of years, writers, theologians and philosophers have mulled over this question— and many believe that moments of doubt lead us to a greater understanding of our faith. Here are a few thoughts on how questioning can foster a deeper connection with God…

A portrait of Denzel Washington.

The Prophecy That Foretold Denzel Washington's Path

A mysterious woman in his mother's beauty parlor had a premonition that he will never forget.

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What do our dreams mean?

What Do Our Dreams Mean?

Are our dreams more than a coincidence?

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Looking for a miracle

What Happens If You Look for a Miracle?

 If you don’t pay attention, you can go through life missing God's wonders

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Miracles happen all the time.

Yes, Miracles Really Do Happen Every Day

How a seemingly minor decision led to a life being saved.

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An artist's rendering of a group of silos

The Miracle That Saved His Son from Death

While he was experiencing a vision that let him know his son was in trouble, his son was rescued by an invisible hand at his back.

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Ken Byerly

The Miraculous Rescue at the Silos

Ken Byerly has become something of a celebrity in his hometown for the videos he shares online talking about the miracles in his life. This is the video that started it all.

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Author and physician Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet

Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet on Reviving Your Sense of Wonder

Listen as author and physician Dr. Anthony T. DeBenedet shares tips for regaining and retaining your childlike sense of wonder.

A woman undergoes a near-death experience

The 6 Stages of a Near-Death Experience

From tunnels to pearly gates, near-death experiences are amazingly consistent. Here are the six stages most frequently reported by those who have undergone them.

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Jim returns to the site of his miraculous rescue

Bubba's Miraculous Encounter with God

A freak accident left him convinced he was going to die, but as he lay by the side of a country road awaiting the end, a figure bathed in bright light brought him new hope.

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An artist's rendering of a cowboy serenading a lariat-twirling cowgirl

The Thunderstorm That Helped a Cowboy Woo His Lady

He'd spent years pursuing the girl of his dreams to no avail, but when Mother Nature lent a hand, he finally got the answer he'd hoped for.

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Virgin Mary Church in Zeitoun, Egypt.

When the Virgin Mary Appeared in Zeitoun, Egypt

For centuries, the divine has communicated with human beings through visions. One of the most prominent figures in these miraculous sightings is Mary, the mother of Jesus. When she does appear, it’s usually to one person, like in Guadalupe, or just a few, like the children who saw her in Lourdes. Those instances are easily dismissed by skeptics as mere hallucination, mass hysteria or schemes for attention. But what happens when hundreds of people see the same vision? Thousands? A million? That’s what happened in Cairo, Egypt, some 50 years ago…

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