Miracles don't just come from ancient stories and myths--everyday miracles are all around us, if we only have our eyes open to see them.

A man knocking on a door with a bouquet of flowers behind his back on a Spring day.

A Husband at My Door

God had a plan for her after she lost her husband.

A large group of people praying

How Does God Hear All Our Prayers at Once?

We asked Dr. Elizabeth Berne DeGear, a biblical scholar and chaplain, a big spiritual question: How does God hear all our prayers at once?

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Author, pastor and civil rights leader Howard Thurman

The Divine Encounters of Howard Thurman, Civil Rights Pioneer

Author, theologian and educator Howard Thurman, who greatly influenced the civil rights movement in the United States, was led by divine guidance throughout his life.

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Author and earthquake survivor Viral Dalal

An Earthquake Survivor’s Lessons on Life and Loss

Viral Dalal shares how one of the worst earthquakes in history shifted his perspective on life.

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Dream imagery depicting a floating door that is wide open

How to Decipher Your Most Puzzling Dreams

Desiree Cole offers some tips for making sense of the confusing imagery in your dreams.

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Queen Elizabeth waves during a public appearance

Mum Knows Best: Her Miraculous Meeting with the Queen of England

Her Anglophile mother taught her everything she needed to know about meeting the Queen, but surely she'd never get to put that training to use. Or would she?

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A World War I-era Christmas card

The Christmas Miracle of 1914

Guideposts Contributing Editor Kathryn Slattery shares an inspiring seasonal tale of a Christmas Eve miracle: a spontaneous truce between opposing soldiers.

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Sensing the invisible world

Where Do You Sense ‘The Invisible World’?

Seeing hints of the sacred in nature or solitude, sometimes in an act of kindness.

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Making Christmas spiritual

Making Christmas a Spiritual Experience

When we approach Christmas in the spirit of humility and with gratitude for Jesus, we celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.

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Carrick-A-Rede Rope in Northern Ireland

The Celtic Wisdom of Poet and Mystic John O’Donohue

In 1982, O’Donohue was ordained a Catholic priest and spent much of his time in solitude, contemplating the “the invisible world” – what we see with our souls, not our eyes. A topic he explored in his international bestseller Anam Ċara, which means “soul friend” in Gaelic. In 2000, O’Donohue left the priesthood to focus on his writing. He passed away in his sleep in 2008 at the age of 52. Today, his work continues to inspire many to take a closer look at that which they cannot see.

Mary and Baby Jesus, Photo credit: Brooke Obie

The Annunciation: Images of Mary from Around the World

From the Church of the Annunciation in the Holy Land, enjoy these images of Mary and Jesus from America to Japan.

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The hope of Advent

What’s the Meaning of Advent?

Look at every glittering light and sprig of holly as a sign of what’s to come.

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An artist's rendering of dream symbols

Unusual Dreams: Was God Telling Her Something?

A Mysterious Ways staffer speaks to a pair of experts to discern whether her unusual dreams are, in fact, divine guidance.

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A beautiful, yet mysterious beach with a dramatic sunset.

The Meaning of Dreams: 7 Spiritual Dream Symbols

So what exactly could God be telling you in your dreams today? Here are some spiritual interpretations of common symbols.

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