5 Stories of Heaven-Sent Letters and Messages

These letters and notes were miraculously delivered and provided comfort when it was needed most.

Posted in , Mar 18, 2021

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Everyone loves getting letters! Whether its birthday cards, letter from pen pals, or notes of encouragement, hand-written messages can be just what we need. But what happens when the letter is heaven-sent?

1. A Mysterious Note
Usually, Connie Cooley enjoyed greeting kids as they climbed aboard her school bus. Today she kept her gaze fixed straight ahead. She’d just come from a difficult family counseling session with her oldest son, Shayn. She felt pulverized. Hopeless. How did we ever get here? She thought. Shayn had been a pleasure to raise, active in the Boy Scouts and church. The two of them were close. Then he discovered alcohol at 17... The kids filed past Connie onto the bus. One or two said hi. Then a little girl tossed a scrap of paper into her lap. “This is for you, Connie!” she said.
Read Connie’s mysteriously delivered note.

2. Message in a Bottle
When Melody and Matt Behrs got married in a sunrise ceremony on Lake Michigan, they decided to do something new! They wrote their own vows and put them in a bottle. To share their love with the world, they cast the bottle into the lake. Melody included their names, address and the date of their wedding: Matt and Melody Behrs, Married at the Wind Point Lighthouse, August 18th. “It would be interesting to find out where it turns up,” she told Matt. Little did they know how miraculous its discovery would be.
Learn who recovered Melody and Matt’s message in a bottle.

3. Note from Beyond
Christmas was the busiest time of year Carolyn and Bob Martin’s Christmas tree farm. Every year at the state fair they held a drawing for a free tree. Carolyn saved all the entry slips. She planned to mail the entrants flyers about their Christmas-tree operation. Rather than rewrite all that information, Carolyn figured she’d use the slips themselves as mailing labels for envelopes. Even so, it was a daunting task... but a worthier task that she realized. The following September, Carolyn and Bob were manning the booth again at the state fair when a woman approached them. “I want to thank you,” she said, “for being part of a miracle.”
See how Carolyn’s letters brought a woman the comfort she needed.

4. A Life-Saving Letter
Corky Hawthorne knew he needed to cut down on his drinking. Then after getting in an accident from driving drunk, in which he was the only one injured, he was committed. When he woke up in the hospital, he swore he would never take another drink for as long as he lived. But would he be able to do it? During the month that he was hospitalized, Corky received hundreds of letters and calls from folks who were praying for him. Then one day a letter arrived from Eddie Walker, someone Corky had never met.
Learn how a letter from a stranger put Corky on the right path.

5. A Mother’s Day Message
It was Mother’s Day, and Carolyn Hyden was especially worried about her mom. This year, for the first time, she would be all alone on the holiday. Carolyn kept thinking, If only Gary was with her. Seven years earlier when their father died, Carolyn’s brother Gary moved in with their mom and was a great comfort to her. He took a job at a convenience store close by. Then one November evening the store was robbed, and Gary was shot and killed. Afterward, Carolyn’s mom was terribly lonely. That Mother’s Day Carolyn called to see how she was doing. To her surprise her mom sounded calm, at peace. How?
Read about the message that gave Carolyn’s mom hope that Mother’s Day.

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