A Little Sign of Light

An unexpected reminder of God on the sidewalks of New York

Posted in , Aug 31, 2017

A wondrous sign on a New York City sidewalk

God speaks to me in many ways. Sometimes through food. Sometimes through other people.  And sometimes through little signs scattered throughout New York City, most often found on the sidewalk.

Take this sign I stumbled upon the other day on my lunch break, right outside the Guideposts office. I glanced down and there it was. A cross of light created by the scaffolding of a nearby building.

I wasn’t going through anything particularly upsetting at the time or in need of comfort at that particular moment. But it was wondrous nonetheless. To know God is there, no matter what. During the happy times just as much as during the sad times.

Have you ever stumbled upon something wondrous while out and about? I’d love to hear your story and see your own wonder-filled photos. Comment below or email us at [email protected]!

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