A Marriage That Was Meant to Be

Little things went wrong before the wedding, but all the signs pointed to a happy union.

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Happy bride and groom at their wedding

My sister got married two weeks ago. And boy was it a whirlwind. Tons of little things went wrong leading up to the big day. Someone got sick. Someone else fell and fractured their back. The limo transporting my sister and dad to the church didn’t have air conditioning, and it was a blazing hot, humid day. So five minutes into their journey to the church, they turned back around and went home. Luckily, my dad found a neighbor to drive them to the church instead (talk about an “angel on earth”!).

Even with all that craziness, though, everyone in my family kept getting little signs that all would be okay. One in particular I just had to share.

On Friday, I went to Grand Central Terminal to take the train to my parents’ house. As I walked through the station, I saw a band playing music. Not such an unusual sight in New York City. But the moment I passed them, they started playing a new song. I couldn’t make it out at first, but then I realized what it was. Pachelbel’s Canon in D, aka “the wedding song”! I turned back around and took a little video of the band, then sent it to my sister.

A sign, I think, that their marriage was meant to be…even if things didn’t always go exactly as planned that weekend!

What about you? Have you ever gotten a little message from above? Share your story below!

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