A Purr-fect Coincidence

Two trapped kittens survived an impromptu 126-mile journey–assistant editor Daniel Kessel tells how.

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Black kittens

Today’s guest blogger is Mysterious Ways assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

It’s well known that cats always land on their feet. But two weeks ago in San Diego, a warehouse worker discovered that it was more than just instinct that helped two kittens survive perilous circumstances.

According to 10 News, a Cox Communications employee opened up a box the company had received from a Los Angeles fiberglass company and was shocked to find that it contained more than just equipment–two black newborn kittens were staring back at him. Apparently, a stray cat had given birth in the open box. No one had noticed before the box was sealed and shipped.

JC Collins, who also works at the warehouse, couldn’t believe his eyes. "When I first saw them, I knew they were very, very young," he said. They still had their umbilical cords attached. They were clinging to life and hadn’t eaten in days.

Fortunately, Collins knew just the place for the kittens to recuperate: the San Diego Humane Society. One of the only nurseries in the country that provides around-the-clock care for kittens, it’s located right in the city they’d been shipped to. In fact, Collins’ own nephew happens to be an investigator there. Coincidence?

The journey from Los Angeles to San Diego is 126 miles long, but these kittens were delivered exactly where they needed to be. With Collins’ help, they promptly found a safe haven at the Humane Society. The kittens, now named Mouse and Wifi, are being nursed back to health and will be ready for adoption when they are eight weeks old.

At Mysterious Ways, we know it’s not survival skills alone that help amazing felines find their way to the purr-fect forever home. A pet given up for lost can find its way back to its pet parents. Even a wild animal can be led to just the right place to find care and attention. Do you think someone’s looking out for all creatures great and small?

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