A Very Secret Santa

A new hire, she kept to herself at the office Christmas party until a sweet gift appeared.

Posted in , Nov 27, 2014

A stack of star-shaped sugar cookies with a Christmas ribbon tied around them

Fresh out of college, I couldn’t wait to start my first job in radio. But my coworkers were older and more experienced than I was. I couldn’t imagine what they’d have in common with me.

Will I ever make any friends here? I wondered, sitting alone at my desk while everyone else decorated the office for Christmas and talked about their holiday plans.

At the staff party, I ended up off to the side, listening to everyone reminisce about the past year together. When they gathered round for the gift exchange, I was left out again. Names had been drawn before I started. I slipped away unnoticed.

Back at my desk I found a wrapped package tied with a red ribbon. Inside was a pyramid of powdered-sugar covered cookies, like little snowballs. I popped one in my mouth. Yum! Who had thought of me? The gift tag read, “To: Paula. From: Kris Kringle.”

Eventually I made many friends at the radio station. But my very first friend was a Christmas angel who preferred to remain anonymous.

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