A Windblown Blessing

Wise advice from a passing stranger helps a woman retrieve a lost dollar bill.

Posted in , Nov 27, 2014

An artist's rendering of a gloved hand ringing a golden bell by a red pail

Walking quickly down the windy street on my way to work, I ran through my mental checklist of all I had to squeeze into the coming week. Gift shopping, mailing presents, baking, packing for the family holiday visit—and that was in addition to my full-time job.

I loved Christmas, but getting ready for it was the most stressful time of the year.

A Salvation Army bell ringer caught my attention. Without breaking my stride I pulled a dollar bill out of my pocket and flung it in the direction of his red bucket. But the wind caught the dollar and sent it sailing.

No… I chased the bill and found myself running round and round in a giant circle. Now I was really wasting time. Until a man walking by said, “Just stand still, miss, and the wind will bring it to you.”

I stopped in my tracks. Sure enough, the wind carried the dollar right to my feet. I picked it up and carefully added it to the collection bucket. “Merry Christmas!” said the bell ringer. We had a good laugh at my expense.

“You have a merry Christmas too,” I said, heading on my way, not as fast as the whipping wind, but more like a gentle breeze that blows above the fray.

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