Angels at the Gate

Nothing could be better than not having to fly home for Thanksgiving–or could it?

Posted in , Nov 19, 2014

Angel at an airline gate. Photo by NiroDesign for Thinkstock, Getty Images.

I’m not flying home to my family in New Orleans for Thanksgiving next week. As much as I’ll miss my parents and siblings, the comical parade of nieces and nephews, and the food (especially Mama’s dirty rice and Daddy’s oyster dressing), I felt relieved to finally come to my decision.

I wouldn’t have to fight the crowds at the airport! Or submit to endless security checks! Or worry about delays and overbooked flights! Or be cramped by the fully reclining passenger in front of me!

The only traveling I’ll be doing this Thanksgiving is from my kitchen to the dining room table in my own house. And I didn’t think anything could be better, until I read this traveler’s story...

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