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Don't forget your personal heavenly messenger–the Pope doesn't!

Posted in , Oct 8, 2014

Photo by Petra Kukofka, ThinkStock Getty Images

Angels seemed to get a lot of press last week, and only partly because Thursday, October 2, was the Feast of the Guardian Angels, celebrated around the world.

Photo of an angel by Petra Kukofka from ThinkStock Getty ImagesWhat really got the media’s attention was Pope Francis, who focused the homily of his daily Mass on the “reality” of angels and the role they play in our lives on earth. Guide, protector, advisor, companion–a “traveling companion,” in the Pope’s description. And not just on long trips. 

I love the image of my guardian angel taking every everyday step with me, whether it’s the journey to and from work, or the drive to Back to School Night, or a weekend river walk with our Jack Russell.

I suppose I don’t even rush out to the mailbox or down to the laundry room all by my lonesome. It’s been a while since I considered that reality.

The Pope believing in angels was hardly something I expected to make headlines. But the Pope clarifying that you and I each have a personal and utterly devoted heavenly messenger at our disposal–one who deserves the courtesy of a “good morning,” even!–well that’s news I need to be reminded of again and again.

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