Angels, Wonders and Miracles of Faith

This blog documents current spiritual signs and wonders, happenings that make people sit up and take notice.

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One of my favorite fellow bloggers is Loci Lenar, who posts Angels, Wonders and Miracles of Faith. This blog documents current spiritual signs and wonders, happenings that make people sit up and take notice.

It’s a beautiful and colorful site—Loci is extremely tech-talented—but the content is even better because we are able to see it. For example, a lighted cross occasionally appears on Loci’s property, and he has posted photos of it on his site. No one has been able to trace the source of this light, but when we see it as an actual photo, it is far more impressive than just words. Loci also features a statue of Michael the Archangel, with stained glass glowing behind it. Again, there is no apparent source of light.

People contact Angels, Wonders and Miracles of Faith to ask for prayers, and Loci brings those requests to his spiritual adviser, Father Richard Tartaglia, of St. Mary’s parish in Denville, New Jersey. Just before Christmas, Loci stopped by with some requests, and informed Father Tartaglia that he had been invited to be a guest on Ave Maria, a Catholic radio station, the following week.

“I’ve never heard of that station,” said Donna Ott, the parish administrator. Loci noticed that she was rubbing her fingers. “It’s arthritis,”she told Loci. “I’ve had it for over five years.” Most of the fingers were affected, and two on her right hand were especially sore.

Donna wasn’t thinking about her pain a few days later when Loci guested on the radio show—instead she listened to Radio Maria with interest, while doing paperwork, and greeting visitors in the church office. At one point, Donna went to a computer and checked Loci’s website to see what he was describing on the show. A sensation of inner peace came over her. “The whole website touched me in its beauty,” she says.

Just a few moments later, Donna sensed a change. All of the pain in her arthritic fingers was gone! Loci was still talking about God’s healing power on the radio—but Donna had the proof! Quickly she told Father Tartaglia about it. Was it a healing? “A small miracle,” Father suggested.

And the healing has continued to this day. If you’d like to “meet” a true believer, check Donna’s photo on Loci’s site. Isn’t technology fun?

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